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Berkeley's FINEST ???
Police Overtime: $80,000+
neighborhood biz lost: 30-40%

When i arrived @ 2:30 PM yesterday, i spotted this POORLY parked UNMARKED police car!

Guarding US from OURSELVES!!

...a bit of R & R??

strutting that Overtime Strut!

Down on the Corner...

Out in the Street...

Sh*t, even 'Up On The Roof'!
...across from KPFA on Radio (?) Shacks roof....Thanks, R.S.   :(

...taking a break???

Another shift!

...three too many!!!

Blocking access blocks away!

who da Man???

putt putt putt putt...

putt putt...

ready, willing, able to SUPPRESS!

idle hands make the Devils work...


how's biz, Goodyear?? Good luck!!

strutting that Overtime Strut
(a very popular Police dance!)

4 more idle officers! are on COP CAMERA!!!
5:15 PM, and still Looking for Trouble
(thanks again, Radio (?) Shack!!!!)

...busy, busy, busy, busy!!!!

"Hey! Look over THERE!">>>

<<<"Hey! Look over THERE!"

a picture sez a 1,000 words
(or one)
Well, friends, i spotted OVER 40 Berkeley Police Officers DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
in front of KPFA Radio Saturday...
HOW many did you find??

and WHO is in charge???? that all major crime in Berkeley
   has been solved...the police have become
TRULY USELESS to the larger Community!!!
We all sure hope these police persons can find REAL WORK soon!!!

(save these photos NOW...they will be much smaller later when i need the cyberSPACE)

nothing new in this part of the Universe since about
3:33 PM, Monday, July 19th, 1999
copywrong ©1999 by  s w richie
"no one else could be that irresponsible"
nifty chalk street art background provided by nifty chalk street artist(s)
who shall, luckily, remain nameless!